Training with a BSAC club means that you not only get a worldwide recognised qualification but you also get the benefit of regular diving with experienced buddies, that can help with all aspects of learning a new sport.  By being part of a club, you will be able to develop your new skills in a safe and progressive environment.

We offer BSAC diver grade training from Ocean Diver, the basic qualification, up to Advanced Diver for anyone over the age of 16.  Learning to dive does require a reasonable amount of cost and commitment, so we always advise coming along for a try dive first, so we can give you a taster of what is involved.  We can also talk you through the various options available to you.

  • Diver grade training from Ocean Diver to Dive Leader.
  • Fully insured, qualified and experienced Instructors.
  • Free kit hire when under instruction.
  • Ongoing mentoring.
  • Advice with kit and configurations.
  • Crossover from other agencies, such as PADI.  (You may have to do this, if you want to progress to a higher level BSAC qualification but we do not require it for you to be a member.)
  • We also run some Skill Development Courses, including AED, Compressor and Nitrox Blending
  • We usually start a new Ocean Diver course at the tail end of the year and get the theory and sheltered water (swimming pool) lessons completed by Easter.
  • The open water training is a mixture of quarry and shore dives and these can be completed as quickly as weather/sea conditions and instructor/trainee availability allow.

Some people take to being underwater naturally and some take longer to adjust.  We will ensure that you are trained at a speed that you are comfortable with.  As you will be part of the club, it is in our interest to make sure that you enjoy learning the skills needed to dive, in a safe and responsible manner.

Once you have qualified as an Ocean Diver, then you will be able to come out club dives.  On a typical 2 dive day, we will always make sure that all divers are able to dive at least once.

  • For insurance purposes you must be a member of BSAC (click for current prices) and our club (current price and benefits)
    • Ocean Diver course – £85 (This includes the training pack and 5 x pool kit hire.  Open water dives charges are in addition and are set to cover entry fees and equipment hire)
    • All other grades are the cost of the training pack and normal dive fees. (Course packs are typically £20 to £30, with the price set by BSAC)
  • The actual training is provided by the club free of charge by our fully qualified and experienced volunteer instructors.
  • All equipment, with the exception of thermal protection (semi-dry/drysuit) can be provided, although you will be encouraged to start to buy basic items as the course progresses (By being in a club environment you will have the opportunity to see and try lots of different kit and configurations, before you spend your money).
  • Due to the personal nature of thermal protection, you will need to provide your own suit for open water training and future diving.  As British diving is in cold water, we recommend a drysuit, rather than semidry and these can cost from a few hundred pounds, second hand, to over £1000+ brand new.  We can offer advice on what to choose.

For a full breakdown on what each BSAC diver level qualifies you for, your best bet is to have a look on the BSAC website.  However, a quick summary is below.

Ocean Diver

You will be able to,

• Dive to a maximum depth of 20m.
• Provide basic rescue skills to your buddy, if there is a problem.

Sports Diver

You will be able to:

• Conduct dives to 20m (if you choose to do the post qualification progress dives, the depth is increased in 5m increments to 35m)
• Use breathing gas mixes up to Nitrox 36
• Plan and conduct dives requiring mandatory decompression stops
• Rescue a casualty and provide basic life support
• Support the role of Dive Manager by acting as a competent deputy (Help to run a diving trip)

Dive Leader

You will be able to:

• Plan and lead a range of dives including those requiring detailed dive, gas and decompression requirements planning.
• Have dive rescue management skills.
• Be competent to manage and supervise club dives to known (to the club) locations.