Below is a list of dive sites that we dive as a club.

The table is searchable and more information is available for each site by clicking its name.

Dive SiteAccessibilityTypeMaximum DepthQualification LevelLaunch Site
St DunstanBoatWreck28Sports DiverWest Bay
West Tennants

BoatDrift25Sports DiverWest Bay
East TennantsBoatDrift25Sports DiverWest Bay
Gibel HamamBoatWreck30Sports DiverWest Bay
James Eagan LayneBoatWreck25Ocean DiverPlymouth
Louis ShiedShoreWreck10Ocean DiverThurlestone
East Shag RockShoreReef10Ocean DiverTorquay
Brixham BreakwaterShoreReef10Ocean DiverBrixham Breakwater
Swanage PierShore/PierReef5Ocean DiverSwanage Pier
BaygitanoBoatWreck22Ocean DiverWest Bay
MV EmstrommBoatWreck34Sports DiverTeignmouth
Black Hawk BowBoatWreck17Ocean DiverPortland, Castletown
Ailsa CraigBoatWreck35Sports DiverWest Bay
Lulworth BanksBoatDrift24Sports DiverPortland, Castletown
Hatt RockBoatReef25-60Sports DiverPlymouth
Hand DeepsBoatReef20-60Sports DiverPlymouth
Eddystone LighthouseBoatReef0-50Ocean DiverPlymouth
RosehillBoatWreck30Sports DiverPlymouth
Hillsea PointBoatReef10Ocean DiverPlymouth